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Come by the cast, be part of the movement!

You can keep up to date on our Instagram channel, on Twitter as well as here on the website. Join our Whatsapp or Telegram to receive all updates directly!

To keep the action going, we organize ourselves into different working groups. Each group has specific areas that it takes care of. This allows us to move forward in planning in a structured and efficient way. We hold daily info meetings at 11:00 and at 18:00 where we introduce the different areas. Come by to get involved!

In addition, various events take place daily in our lecture hall: from lectures to workshops and much more. In addition, there is breakfast for everyone and hot dinner. You can find all information about the events here.

Occupy the university: Is it legal?

Yes! An open university meeting fulfills the characteristics of an assembly and is thus protected.

But: if the assembly endangers public safety or order or if the management of the university requests an eviction, it can be dissolved. A dissolution of the assembly must be announced in advance by the police.

What happens if the assembly is dissolved?

After the police declare the occupation dissolved, the participants* have the possibility to leave the assembly before the person risks getting a fine. Sollte eine Person dem nicht nachgehen, riskiert er*sie eine Verwaltungsstrafe wenn die Identität der Person festgestellt werden kann.

What is an administrative penalty?

Administrative penalties are so-called administrative offenses, punished is a violation of the administrative law (e.g. noise pollution, going through a red light or not leaving a police-dissolved assembly). Eine einfache Verwaltungsübertretung rechtfertigt für sich allein keine Festnahme!

What happens in case of identity refusal?

If you refuse to testify about your identity and/or do not have an ID with you, you may be taken to PAZ (police detention center) and detained for up to a maximum of 24 hours. You have the right to refuse to testify and to make two successful calls.

If you don’t have any action experience yet, then visit our action trainings and legal aid workshops on the occupation!