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Action consensus

Action consensus Vienna

This action consensus forms a binding framework for the behavior at the occupation of the universities by Erde Brennt – Uni Besetzen. It was developed collectively and decided by consensus. The aim of the consensus is to enable a transparent cooperation at the occupation that can be easily assessed by all participants and that is based on mindfulness and solidarity. We cordially invite all people who join this consensus to participate in our actions. Those who transgress the consensus of action may be excluded from the occupation.

Who are we? For the most part, we come from a university background, but we are active in various social movements and political spectrums. We especially welcome participation in the protest by people who are not students – whether experienced in protesting or not. Together we take responsibility for the success of the protest. Since our obedient protest so far has not brought about the necessary systemic change in teaching, climate and social policy, we are now moving to civil resistance. We feel compelled, on the one hand, to pause our academic education, which is based on an alien- and self-destructive system, and, on the other hand, to educate ourselves independently.

Dealing with Discrimination and Awareness. We are aware of everyday and structural discrimination among ourselves and by our environment. Therefore, as part of this occupation, we strive to create a discrimination-free space. We strive to offer space to those who experience discrimination and to raise collective awareness and attention to it. In addition, we offer safe spaces and quiet spaces at the Occupation. You can always contact the awareness team at the awareness desk or awareness space. Awareness only works when everyone participates. Everyone should feel responsible to take care of each other and to take care of themselves – this is not a task that can or should be outsourced to the awareness team. Our awareness work in conflict situations is oriented towards constructive solutions and the interpretative sovereignty of the person concerned. We do not want to stigmatize or exclude a person who recognizes that he or she has acted in a hurtful way and wants to take responsibility for it. Instead, we encourage them to reflect on their behavior and change it. At the request of the person concerned, persons who commit or cause violence can be excluded from the occupation.

Dealing with intoxicant consumption. The consumption of intoxicants, including alcoholic beverages, is not desired at the occupation. This is justified by the lack of predictability in intoxicated states and the prioritization of safety within the action. In addition, we want to provide a space for people who are sensitive to intoxicants (consumption) – due to withdrawal, trauma, or other reasons – where they will not be triggered. Anyone visibly under the influence of drugs will be excluded from the cast. As Erde Brennt it is nevertheless important for us to point out that we clearly stand for a destigmatization and decriminalization of intoxicants as well as addictions.

Covid-19 concept. Many people are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in an existential way. Therefore we have decided on the following measures, which are to be followed independently are: 

1. We would like you to take a PCR test before and during each week of the occupation. This is especially true for the people who will be staying overnight at the occupation. If you will only be present for short periods of time, we recommend that you do a Rapid Antigen Test and/or wear your mask. 

2. If you or someone you have been in contact with have symptoms, we ask you to immediately wear a mask and take a rapid antigen test. If you do not have one, you can get one free of charge from the Awareness Team. As long as you have symptoms, you should keep your mask on and do further testing, even if they are negative at first.

3. There will be a PCR collection station at the lineup, so you can easily do tests on site. 

4. Should it happen that a person tests positive for Covid-19, we ask that person to leave the event and not come back until they can guarantee that they are no longer infectious. Because contact tracing is complicated by the anonymity desired by many in an occupation, there will be an email address where you can write where, when, and how long you were there. This information will be shared anonymously on the bulletin board.

5. If there are a high number of infections, we will tighten Corona measures.