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The occupations in Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg have started!

BREAKING 05.12.: University of Applied Arts Vienna is occupied! >> more

BREAKING 28.11.: BOKU is occupied!

Since 16. 11. students of “Erde Brennt” are occupying the lecture hall C1 in the Campus Uni Wien Hof 2, the HS 3 at the GEIWI in Innsbruck and the Unipark in Salzburg! We say: Why learn for a system that has no future? Together we fight for social justice and climate justice. We need a radical change of the system in which profits and corporations are no longer worth more than people.

Come by, get organized, join the cast!

Donation account (Vienna):

Such an occupation costs not only time resources in planning and execution, but also money! Especially for mobilization (flyers, posters, etc.), food and materials we need monetary support. If you want to support us financially, we would appreciate a donation to the following account:

IBAN: AT64 2011 1841 5039 0000

Important: be sure to specify “Erde brennt!” as the intended use!

We can rethink this world!

No more studying as before in a time of multiple crises! We occupy the university and win it back as a space for utopias and real solidarity – because the earth is burning.

Social crisis, climate crisis, energy crisis, inflation – when social injustices intensify but political measures fail to emerge, we students no longer want to keep watching! We can no longer sit quietly in our lectures while it burns and seethes outside – we don’t want to continue learning for a system that has no future!

We stand for a politics that takes the crises as such seriously. We stand for a university that lives up to its mission and is a space for sustainable solutions. It is no longer enough to stand by, let’s fundamentally change society!

may, 2024

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Map Vienna: