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Our Demands (Vienna)

Crises are systematic. These demands are part of a larger process for radical systemic change. In order for us to live in a socially just and ecologically sustainable society with responsible universities, we want our occupation to create a space where these can be discussed and expanded upon, and appropriate solutions can be developed.

Disclaimer: The following points are preliminary formulations. The concrete demands will be worked out in the course of the occupation. Any participation in this is explicitly welcome. Feel free to come by the occupied lecture hall at any time and bring in yourself and your concerns!

Education // For universities with a future

  • Securing university funding: 1.2 billion is not enough!
  • Criticism of the system and discussion of the crisis in every course.
  • More student self-organization and grassroots democratic co-participation
  • Universities for all: abolish discriminatory structures

Social issues // For a solidary way through the crises

  • Fighting social inequality: taxing excess profits and assets
  • For an affordable life: Collectivize energy companies and stop speculation in the housing market
  • Stop the Exploitation of the Global South: Supply Chain Law Now
  • Create safe refugee routes and right to stay for all

Climate // For a climate-just future

  • Away from fossil fuels – in to renewable energies
  • Radical change in transport and free public transport for all
  • Protect habitats and biodiversity – Stop soil sealing
  • Implement the demands of the Climate Assembly

We from Erde Brennt see ourselves as part of a global struggle for a social & climate just future and support the demands and struggles of other groups (Erde Brennt Schule, EndFossil, Es Reicht, Klimarat, Mobilitätswende Jetzt, Plattform für Menschliche Asylpolitik, SOS Balkanroute, Lobau Bleibt, Attac, Fridays for Future, Scientists for Future, System Change not Climate Change, Youth Council, Rise up 4 Rojava, En Commun, Back Voices and all others who support us in our struggle for a climate just future.